We’re a hardworking plant-based couple traveling long term around the world! Our adventure began in 2014 when we met by chance on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France. At the time we were two strangers residing on different continents, the one in Switzerland, the other in L.A. Casting our comfortable lives aside we decided to travel longterm and document our journey by creating high quality videos, photos, and written content!


A turning point in my life was the decision to move from Sioux City, Iowa and enroll at Chapman Film School in California. Another turn toward an “unconventional” life was the result of allowing myself to be open to others and be inspired by how they lived. Going down such a “rabbit hole” of information was how I happened upon the plant-based lifestyle, being active, and working on my own.

Eat Away is a tool to share with you how adopting this lifestyle has given me lasting purpose and satisfaction. Our efforts to create content daily on our website, social media, and YouTube has inspired curious viewers to make changes in their own lives. Whether it’s eating more plants, staying motivated, or eventually traveling long term, we strive to make Eat Away a source of continuous encouragement. If you’re looking for a destination of good vibes and resources of this lifestyle then we hope we can stay connected as virtual digital friends! Of all the places you could be could be right now, you’re here reading my words and I’m so honored you are here! Thank you for stumbling into our Eat Away vortex!


Being active has always been a major part pf my life. Training for competitive road cycling, triathlons, and marathons has been an outlet for me physically and mentally. Suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome since the age of four, having an active lifestyle has helped me live with my condition. Living with body motoric Tourette’s has always been a part of me, but it is not who I am fundamentally. Curiously, after adopting the plant-based diet, eating more whole foods, and less processed foods, I noticed how my condition had fewer side effects.

Even though I will always have Tourette’s Syndrome, I hope, eventually, to show how my new lifestyle has benefitted me at all levels. Along with feeling better, I’ve connected on a deeper level with our animal friends. It’s hard for me to image how in the past I ate what I liked and didn’t see how it produced suffering for the animals, environment, and my health. Now, I work hard to showcase Eat Away and how our daily habits can make such a difference in all aspects of our life.